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Testimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customers
Your Inner health is Orange Countys Premier Wellness Centers specializing in colon hydrotherapy
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Colon hydrotherapy is a process where the colon is cleansed of toxic build up of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter through a gentle flow of warm purified water
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Your Inner Health provides a cleansing and weight loss program designed especially for you
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Laguna Beach Colonics

Laguna Beach, California 92660
Telephone: (949) 645-1030

Laguna Beach Colon Therapy

Laguna Beach Colonics is the foremost expert in colon cleansing, colon hydrotherapy and colon therapy in Laguna Beach and Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach Colonics utilizes a number of techniques and alternative therapies to cleanse the colon by removing fecal matter, feces, unspecified colon toxins and other dead matter that is in the colon and your intestinal tract.

Laguna Beach Residents Get Colonics

Laguna Beach Colonics wants its clients to know that the main function and purpose of the human colon is to transport and move your human waste material that started with your Laguna Beach breakfast from your small intestine to your rectum. While your breakfast food is still in your small intestine, all the vital nutrients from your Newport breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is removed and utilized by your body. The waste matter that is leftover which is devoid of your Newport nutrients is then passed on to your large intestine, which is the first portion of your colon.

Laguna Beach Colonics knows that some people do not want to know or discuss the topic of human waste, but a complete knowledge of your body functions requires a frank discussion including your Laguna Beach breakfast and your bowel movement thereof. In addition to serving as a transport channel for water, your human colon also absorbs water and sodium from the Laguna Beach waste and it pushes through to the next stage of elimination. What remains after the colon's absorption process is called your Laguna Beach stool. This stool passes from your colon into the rectum and out through the anus when you have a Laguna Beach bowel movement.

History of Colon Hydrotherapy

Every resident of Laguna Beach knows that stool matter is toxic body waste and if human waste gets stuck in the colon and doesn't come out it will surely rot when it lays. The Egyptians in ancient times were well aware of this rotting matter and sought to clean their colons out as best they could. The ancient Greeks looked at the idea of colon matter in much the way some Laguna Beach clients look at waste and sought methods for colon therapy. In the 1800s physicians and scientists studying biochemistry and microbiology looked into the idea that their were toxins in the colon that might have ramifications for harming other parts of the body and slowly through time we came to modern times and modern machines for cleaning our Laguna Beach bodies.

Laguna Beach Colonic Machine

Your Laguna Beach Colon Hydrotherapy machine is a method of cleansing the entire colon without the use of drugs or chemicals of any kind. Laguna Beach Colon Hydrotherapy machine operates with a trained technician and a procedure that maintains your dignity and comfort throughout the treatment.

Laguna Beach Colon Hydrotherapy

Laguna Beach Colonics and colon cleansing may take the form of colon hydrotherapy, which is also known as a colonic, colonic irrigation and when combined with dietary supplements and well thought out over the counter item can be very productive to your cleansing regiment. Laguna Beach colonics are administered by our trained colonic therapists, using state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy equipment to ensure maximum efficacy and safety. Some of our clients have told us their visits eliminate constipation and we have others that have given testimonias that they have had significant improvement in their bowel function.

Laguna Beach Colonics and its colon hydrotherapy uses the latest and safest equipment available to the general public and we use the safest tools for getting our water solution into the colon via the rectum using our special equipment. We have been very helpful to people who first tried oral cleaning regimes using dietary fiber, herbs, oral laxatives and other alternative forms of colonics.

Laguna Beach Colonics has had a number of people come to our practice for colon cleansing with the belief that accumulations of putrefied feces line the walls of the large intesting and the accumulations of parasites and gut_flora living in the colon and large intestine has a negative impact on the overall well being of our client.

Laguna Beach Colonics believes that after your colon cleansing appointment you will be glad you had the treatment and the evidence of this will be your return visit. We have many testimonials from our clients attesting to their belief that they have significant benefits from their colonics and they reaffirm this belief with their return visits.

Laguna Beach Colonics would like to share some information on how you might determine if you have a healthy colon. Here are some possible Laguna Beach signs to look for to check on the health status of your colon. When you are walking in Laguna Beach do you experience bloating and cramps in your lower abdomen, chronic headaches or migraines? After waking up in your Laguna Beach home are you still sluggish, have a lack of energy and drowsiness? Even with the beautiful nights in Laguna Beach do you have frequent constipation? Often a good colonic or colon therapy session will make you feel better, but be sure to see your Laguna Beach doctor before coming to a conclusion about any ailment.

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